9.15                 Welcome

9.30-11.00      Broad views: Chair, Nuala Zahedieh (Edinburgh)

Nick Draper (UCL)

Slavery and the country house: the state of play (skype)

Stephen Mullen (Glasgow)

                        The landed estates of Glasgow’s sugar aristocracy, 1775-1838

                        Marenka Thompson-Odlum (Glasgow)

Art of the country house: a case study of art collecting and Scottish West India merchants

11.00              Coffee

11.30-1.00      Borders case studies: Chair, Sally Tuckett (Glasgow)

Stana Nenadic (Edinburgh)

Harmony House and Abbotsford and the Jamaican slave plantation connection

Alastair Learmont (Edinburgh)

Green River and Roberton: the Scottish Border estates of James and William Chisholme

Fiona Salvesen Murrell/ Hermione Hoffman (Paxton House)

                        Paxton House

1.00-2.00        Lunch

2.00-4.00        Colonial markets, goods, and people: Chair, Emma Hart (St Andrews)

Nuala Zahedieh (Edinburgh)

Supplying the sugar colonies: William Forbes, coppersmith, and Callendar House

Tony Lewis (Glasgow Museums)

The homecoming: conspicuous consumption in country houses, or how to show off wealth – an 18th century legacy

James Caudle (Oxford Brookes)

James Boswell and the merchants of doubt

Hannah Lawrence (St Andrews and National Trust Scotland)

Acknowledging slavery connections in Scottish country houses: Why it is important

4.00                 Tea

4.30-5.30        Comparisons: Chair, Diana Paton (Edinburgh)

Chris Jeppesen (UCL)

Growing up in a Company town: Caribbean and East Indian wealth in Hertfordshire

Finola O’Kane (UCD, Dublin)

Ireland and the Caribbean: Some comparative plantation perspectives from Jamaica, Mayo and Donegal

5.30 – 6.30     Lecture: Chair, Simon Newman (Glasgow)

Jim Walvin (York)

                        Slavery in small things: Evidence from inside the stately homes

6.30                 Reception

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All sessions will take place in Seminar Room 1, Chrystal MacMillan Building, 15 A George Square, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH8 9LD.

Participation is free but places are limited. If you would like to attend please register with